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How to get product data as a brand

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

At MealMe, we’ve spent the last two years creating a food ordering API to fix monetization of food ordering for other platforms and apps. While building that, we wanted to see if we could push the envelope even further: what if we could expand beyond food and make more product data available and, more importantly, provide the ability to order those items from different brands in the online retail space.

We discovered that the problem was much deeper. As it turns out, for any given product - for example a bag of Bare Banana Chips - there is no aggregation of all the prices for that item.

Why is this a problem?

As a user, this is important because you would need to know the price an item is being sold at through different avenues in order to make sure that you’re getting the best price.

As a brand, the current status quo makes it impossible for your company to know the following key parameters that drive your revenue:

  1. What is the price your products are being sold at?

  2. What retailers are selling your product? Oftentimes, there are countless resellers who are part of the online distribution ecosystem. Moreover, you don’t have access to their inventory data and therefore you simply do not know their availability over time and cannot predict whether they’re running out of products to sell.

As a food or retail distributor, you would need to know the prices and availability of your products across store locations in order to have a general overview of inventory.

What is the MealMe solution?

We created a comprehensive Data API that offers the information brands need to get a better overview of product names, prices and availability through our Menu API. You can find our documentation for it here:

The API spans beyond Menu and supports other verticals such as:

Our Product Search API - We aggregate products across different retailers by providing data from the stores. Our API puts forward a searchable database to help your brand identify the prices and availability for the inventory you provide to retailers and resellers.

How do you get product prices for brands?

We created a Retail Inventory API to offer brands across the retail space (Groceries, Electronics, Liquor Stores, Gas Stations, and more) a detailed insight into what quantity exists in the inventory of the distribution channels and what is the price they’re selling the products at.

How does the API work?

We rely on connections with point of sale providers in order to crawl data across the retailers that use them.

Who should use the API?

The API’s use cases are best for brands that deal with retail distribution, food delivery, and consumer packaged goods.

How can I get real time product prices from retailers?

You can sign up to get access to our API by signing up on our website here:

Where can I find the Restaurant Menu API?

Access our Food Delivery API, Online Menu API, Menu Prices API, Food API, and more by filling out our sign-up form here:

How do I access grocery inventory data?

Look no further than our Grocery Store API, Grocery Inventory API, Grocery Delivery API.

How do I get product prices online?

Access data on a wide range of products with our Electronics Store API, Liquor Store API, Gas Station API and more.

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