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  • Gaurav Roy

What are the Best Companies for Embedded Commerce?

Empowering the user with a robust embedded commerce experience is one of the most efficient routes to gain a competitive edge.

Contactless payment capabilities are one of the most visible and successful tools of embedded commerce that have boosted the retail and restaurant sector. But, health care and B2B are also fast realizing the benefits of embedded commerce.

Finally, the shift of embedded commerce opportunities to the cloud has augmented its leadership by enabling it to offer the benefits of an integrated ecosystem. Today, we will look at the best three available options for embedded commerce.


Embedded commerce is the foundation stone of MealMe’s originating vision. Within five years since its inception, MealMe has helped a range of companies to reimagine their monetization models. Our Embedded Commerce Technology empowers businesses to monetize by allowing users to purchase a product on their platform.

Mealme offers companies a radically new monetization model, especially for those relying on the legacy models of affiliate marketing or banner ads. Our API is easy to integrate, and so is its Software Development Kit (SDK).

The MealMe Data Suite that comes during the time of integration is enriched with deep and high-quality point-of-interest data. The MealMe ordering suite empowers customers with the ability to embed checkout for 100 million+ products from more than a million stores across the US and Canada.

Tipser by Bolt

Tipser’s embedded commerce performance was exemplary enough for Bolt, the world’s leading developer of one-click checkout technologies, to acquire it in November 2021.

While the vision of Tipser was to power commerce on every digital surface, the acquisition by Bolt helped it become recognized as Checkout Everywhere. With Bolt, it is possible to conveniently incorporate native, embedded checkout through QR codes, media partners, email, or social.

It is possible to convert the consumer with one click, irrespective of the channel the customer shops on.

Bolt claims to have increased the conversion of its partners by 6X, without them having to pay for impressions, clicks, or any metric aside from a sale.


Bonsai is one of the leading providers of embedded commerce for a diverse bouquet of digital publishers. The Bonsai embedded commerce options equip users with the power to explore products the moment their intent is formed.

The embedded display on the publisher’s webpage contains all the information a user needs to make a purchase decision, including images, details, shipping information, etc. Users can add multiple products to the cart to render across any Bonsai-enabled page until checkout.

Selecting an item and keeping it for later checkout does not interrupt the content-browsing experience. The checkout also happens within the content’s area so that not only product discovery but the completion of the purchase happens on the same page.

For any business to hop on the bandwagon of embedded commerce, two aspects are absolute to be fulfilled. First, the integration has to be easy.

With convenient API and SDKs, MealMe helps any sort of business - with or without having sufficient tech knowledge - to efficiently incorporate embedded commerce into their website. Secondly, the data set that is up for checkout should be extensive. MealMe scores high on that aspect, too, by allowing the embedded checkout option for 100 million+ products from more than a million stores across North America.

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