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  • We search across dozens of food sellers to find the cheapest and fastest food delivery, making MealMe the food app with the largest selection

  • Why we search: this screenshot shows a restaurant with $0 in total fees!

  • What we search for: delivery fees, service fees, small cart fees, sales tax, promotions, surge pricing, and menu price differences, plus delivery times and ratings

  • Where we search: third-party delivery apps, restaurants that have their own drivers, restaurant chain apps, courier services, grocery stores, local chefs, pickup apps, point-of-sale services, and even robot delivery


  • Our food delivery comparison saves users an average of 17 minutes and $5 by ordering on the cheapest or fastest service

  • MealMe doesn't have its own drivers - instead, we let you order on the delivery service that is fastest

  • Our unique strategy allows us to match users to the fastest delivery time, quickest pickup time, and shortest dine-in wait time


  • Checkout in MealMe for no additional fees

  • MealMe is the only app you need to enter payment on - your universal wallet for food.

  • We are the most convenient food delivery app since you no longer have to download, register, and enter payment on several food apps just to find the best deal for dinner

  • We are the most reliable food delivery app since we replace any failed order with another food provider for no extra charge


The only food delivery app I use Way better than switching between like 5 different food delivery apps to find the cheapest deal. Plus, some restaurants are only on one or two delivery services, and this app aggregates all restaurants together.
Best customer service of any food delivery app! Not only do you save money that you can then either keep or use to support your driver, the customer service reps are extremely helpful and nice and have a little humor to make your day better. Don’t forget to tip MealMe before placing order to show them how much you appreciate them!
Great customer service and price match I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant at first, but this app is the real deal! Customer service was super timely & friendly and they always save me some money on my order. Never going back to DoorDash

Frequently asked questions

What is the cheapest food delivery app?

MealMe is the cheapest food delivery app because it lets users compare delivery fees, service fees, small cart fees, surge fees, tax rates, and menu prices across dozens of food apps. Each of these fees are calculated differently service to service!

No, really - what is the cheapest food delivery service?

Besides MealMe, it depends, and changes every few minutes, depending on the time of day, location of drivers on each delivery service, and the restaurant. One delivery service might be the cheapest at one specific time in one specific area for one specific restaurant, then be the most expensive 5 minutes later! At MealMe, we haven't seen any pattern of a single delivery service being consistently cheaper because of the specialization of these delivery services in different areas, times, and restaurants. Also, keep in mind that it's not as simple as who has the lowest delivery fee. There's also service fees, small cart fees, promotions, sales tax, and menu prices, all of which differ service to service even for the same restaurant. This means that it also depends on which menu items you order, since one service might be a better deal for only a small cart. For instance, if the service fee percentage is high and delivery fee is low for a given restaurant at a specific time, then that service would be only good for small carts. Finally, MealMe compares prices on much more than just third-party food delivery apps for the same meal, further complicating what the "cheapest" is - for example, we include comparisons with ordering directly from the restaurant's own drivers, or through a point-of-sale system at the restarant, or through courier services who pick up the food at the restaurant, and more. We even allow comparing the price of getting the same meal delivered from a chef or grocery store!

Does MealMe ever add fees to orders?

No. It costs the same to order in MealMe as it would if you ordered in a service we've integrated. In fact, it's actually frequently cheaper to order in MealMe. This is just like how it costs the same or less to book with Expedia, Orbitz,, or Hertz than with the individual airline, hotel, or car company.

What is the fastest food delivery app?

MealMe. MealMe is the fastest food delivery app because it searches across dozens of food apps and delivery services to find the fastest delivery option. At any given time when you open MealMe we'll crunch the numbers to find the fastest meal to your door from every restaurant in America.

What is the food app with the largest selection?

MealMe, since we've indexed all of food that's online into a search engine with price and time comparisons. Here's an example in restaurant food delivery. If a restaurant is only on one delivery service, but not another service, then they'll appear in MealMe, making MealMe the largest food delivery app.

What is the best food delivery app?

We think that MealMe is the best app for food delivery since MealMe has the largest selection of food and matches users to the lowest prices and delivery times. In addition, MealMe doesn't require users to download, register, and enter payment info on several food apps to find the best deal, making MealMe more convenient.

Is MealMe a food delivery service?

Nope! We will never be a food delivery service (that is, have our own drivers) any more than Expedia or Orbitz or Kayak will one day have its own airplanes, or will have its own Hotels.

Why doesn't MealMe have its own drivers?

We will never have our own drivers. Our goal is to bring together the different driver networks and logistics systems into one consumer-facing app, since there is bound to be an amazing deal (cheap & fast) at any given time across all the delivery networks.

Does MealMe have its own customer support?

Yep, we have our own customer support staff to handle issues for anyone who orders in MealMe!

How does MealMe work?

We are the search engine for food. We crawl the internet - just like Google or Yahoo or Bing - but look for food rather than websites. We've indexed all of online food into one search engine, and are in the process of bringing all of offline food into the app as well. We've integrated third-party delivery apps, local restaurants that have their own drivers, restaurant chain apps, courier services, grocery stores, chefs and delivery kitchens, restaurant pickup aggregators, point-of-sale aggregators, and even robot delivery! As far as just third-party delivery apps, we've added Kiwibot, Waitr, BiteSquad, DoorDash,, Postmates, EatStreet, Grubhub, Uber Eats, BeyondMenu, Seamless, Caviar, Menufy, Slicelife, Chowbus, FoodJets, Favor, Zifty, Toast, ChowNow, Odeko, goPuff, 7-Eleven delivery, Chipotle delivery, Starbucks, Popeyes delivery, Shef, WoodSpoon, DishDivvy, and Foodnome as of the time of this writing. In 2021 we've been adding, on average, 2-3 new services a week, and are just getting started.