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Our Mission

MealMe is on a mission to embed commerce
into every website and app

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Our Vision

Reimagining monetization models

MealMe is creating an entirely new monetization model for companies that have traditionally relied on affiliate marketing or banner ads. Our Embedded Commerce Technology enables any company to monetize by offering their users the ability to purchase products on their platform.


Easy integration of our API & SDK

For businesses, our core approach is to offer our technology in the form of APIs and SDKs that are easily integrated into any platform. 
Data Suite provides point of interest data that is unmatched in depth and quality. Our Ordering Suite gives our customers the ability to embed checkout for 100M+ products from 1M+ stores in the US and Canada. 

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Our Consumer App

Finding the best food deals

The MealMe iOS App consumer app originated in 2016 as a social media for food. A few pivots later, MealMe matches users to the fastest and most affordable food delivery/pickup option and provides in-app ordering. Our goal is to build the first app users open when they're hungry and find them the best deal on food.

What is the best food delivery app?

Meet our executive team



Co-Founder & CEO



Co-Founder & President

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Chief Product Officer

We are on a mission to embed commerce
into every website and app

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