As a search engine, we have the power to build the #1 app in the world for consumers to find food (the largest, fastest, and cheapest food selection), and the #1 app for food to find consumers (the largest, fastest, and cheapest sales lead).


Such an app would be greater than the sum of its parts, and is so obviously beneficial that we think it is bound to exist eventually. Our goal is to be the first app consumers open when they want food, and the first app food sellers open when they want more consumers.

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The MealMe Story

The origins of MealMe date back to 2016, when Matt had the idea to make a social media for food with delivery and reservation integrations. Matt was accepted into the Emory University accelerator in early 2018 and found Will after looking for a technical co-founder to build the product. After a few weeks, they released a beta version to friends and family.


Despite nearly two years of further development, and only a few users, they were unable to show any traction to investors. It was clear that the most interesting part of MealMe was the ability to order the food you saw someone else post, and most of Will's effort was spent developing proprietary technology to expand that feature. By the end of 2019, MealMe showed a few delivery services, with their delivery fees, underneath each user's post. Matt marketed this feature on Reddit, which led to thousands of downloads, and they knew they were onto something!

They went all-in, ditched the Social Media for Food, and spent 2 months creating the Search Engine for Food Delivery after Will left Apple. On March 1, 2020, they launched the redesigned MealMe onto the App Store and met instant traction, ranking among the top food apps of the App Store, getting featured by Apple, receiving press recognition, and finally gained interest from investors. Growth accelerated in mid-March as the pandemic broke out and users flocked to MealMe to save on all the various fees. In April, they were accepted into TechStars, who wrote the first check into MealMe! Techstars Atlanta started that summer, which was when Will quit Google and Matt graduated college - perfect timing for the team to finally start on MealMe full-time!


Will then (finally) implemented exact fees, times, and availability, increased the number of restaurants to be far greater than any individual food app, and designed and built the first version of Checkout in MealMe. Before, MealMe only showed the delivery fee! Checkout, although widely thought to be impossible to implement, is what allows users to have one account for all of their food apps, matching the user to the cheapest and fastest option, and brought the company its first revenue. In September, Yassin joined as the first employee, made Checkout what it is today, and started the MealMe tradition of fully integrating at least one new food app every week.


By Techstars Demo Day in October, MealMe had shown unmatched user, product, and sales growth. Will & Matt went out to raise investment, and experienced great success, raising from top-tier venture capital firms such as Palm Drive Capital, Slow Ventures, and CP Ventures. In 2021, the MealMe team's focus is to continue increasing the selection and deals they can provide to customers - to do this, they will keep up the pace of adding a new food app every other day. The goal is to make the first app a hungry users open.

Check out the Careers page if you want to join the hungriest startup in the world!


Edison said genius is 99% perspiration and only 1% inspiration, and we believe that 1% is generous. We are constantly building and testing products with our current user base to search for even more ways to make a product magnitudes greater than any existing solution. We strive to build a product where a lack of awareness is the only thing stopping most of the people in our target market from using MealMe.

We view merely great results as failures, because we set out from the start to be the greatest at any cost. From this unique perspective, even if conventional wisdom is right almost all of the time, we know it's worth being wrong almost all of the time if the goal is to be the greatest. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes; we would rather try and fail than wonder what could’ve been. Even if we are wrong - like Columbus certain he was sailing to the Indies - we know that something worthwhile lies in attempting what is widely believed to be impossible, even if that place isn't reached. For explorers, and for us, risk is not the chance of failure - it is the chance of never fulfilling one's destiny. We must understand what the real ceilings are, if any, and will not rest until we witness our true potential.

Our unmatched determination, and that determination alone, is more than enough to eventually achieve anything we can dream of; we are, therefore, limited only by our ambition.


Meet The Team

Matthew Bouchner

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Co-Founder & President

Will Said

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Co-Founder & CEO


Yassin Alsahlani

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VP of Engineering


Paran Sonthalia

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Lead Growth Software Intern 

Derek Dukes

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Derek Nie

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Software Intern, Growth Team

Naureen Kurji

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Marketing Intern

Andy Zhang

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Operations Intern

Vatsa Patel

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Backend Software Intern

Ethan Houseworth

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Marketing Technology Intern

Sam Ding

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iOS Engineering Intern

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Operations Intern

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Growth Software Intern

Saurav Kumar

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Software Engineering Intern

Akif Patel

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Software Engineering Intern

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