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Join the hungriest team in Silicon Valley

We believe true excellence is only 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Are you ready to work your hardest and see what you’re capable of?

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Current job openings

Full-Time Engineering
San Francisco

  • Has released several software applications to the public singlehandedly with impressive user growth and revenue

  • Proficient in front-end or back-end development

  • Brings unique insights to MealMe

Full-Time Operations Manager
San Francisco

  • Previous executive or early employee at a company that raised a Series A investment or beyond

  • ​Strong understanding of finance and accounting, especially startup finance and accounting

  • A startup-minded candidate who enjoys shipping and iterating rapidly

  • A go-getter who has built side-projects that have seen traction in terms of users/revenue

Engineering Internship
San Francisco

  • Backend, Web, iOS, Android, AI/ML, Security

  • University student, currently enrolled

  • Strong understanding of Computer Science concepts (Data Structures, Algorithms, etc)

  • Has released software to the public that has seen traction in terms of users or revenue

  • Has demonstrated interest in starting a technology company

Operations & Finance / Viral Marketing Internships
San Francisco

  • Brings unique insights and clear value add to MealMe

  • Is a content creator and skilled with social media

  • Has demonstrated interest in starting their own company one day

Team Highlights

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At MealMe, we are on a mission to embed commerce into every website and app.

What we look for

Hard work.png

Hard work, persistence, and determination

unique ideas.png

Unique ideas that are both contrarian and correct, and you have attempted to make them a reality​​

technology company.png

A desire to start your own technology company one day (or you already have)

Join the
MealMe mission

MealMe is an Equal Opportunity employer.

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