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What are the best companies for data on restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores?

The growth in the online food delivery market has been tremendous over the past few years.

Restaurant and grocery food delivery apps are facing cutthroat competition to stay on top of the league. They need to be backed up by an extensive inventory database for food, store locations, and delivery network.

Yet, there are hardly any APIs available in the market that helps delivery apps tap into the potential of all these databases together.

There are separate APIs for geolocation, logistics, stocking, inventory, delivery, restaurant listing, store cart, and more. But, when it comes to an API that offers food search, order-placing, and order delivery together, comes on top.

Here we see how compares with its closest competitors.

With a single API, you can access inventory data from millions of large retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, electronics stores, home goods, and more.

The product database that you can get your hands on with the API comprises more than a billion items.

Next, the API allows the user to send an order to the Point of Sale at over a million restaurants and grocery stores for pickup and delivery. And finally, you can tap into’s delivery network to get the food delivered through a range of stakeholders, including third-party delivery services, courier services, and stores with their drivers.

The variety of delivery partners invariably results in the user getting the cheapest and fastest quote for every order. The service of does not stop at picking up the most cost-efficient delivery option for you. Its fully white-labeled solution also helps track the order with customer support services available at no additional cost.

Oracle GloriaFood

One of Mealme’s closest competitors, Oracle GloriaFood, offers a food order API and a restaurant menu API. The free-of-charge, zero-commission food order API helps you add online ordering to your website.

You can use Facebook smart links to hook more customers and sell your food online. It also helps receive and confirm orders from the restaurant’s own smartphone or tablet.

There is no specific information on how deep Oracle GloriaFood’s penetration is in the food delivery supply chain. However, it has boarded more than 22,000 restaurants so far.

The restaurant services solutions of Oracle GloriaFood help take unlimited orders from the restaurant’s website, Facebook page, or mobile app. It helps accept incoming orders on the fly from any smartphone.

It also helps expand a restaurant’s online business with restaurant delivery software. However, there is no stat available on the expanse of the delivery network.


KitchenHub - another of Mealme’s close competitors - focuses on the delivery part of the supply chain. It helps its consumers - food businesses - to connect to more than 20 online ordering systems, including Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub, Flipdish, Postmates, and more.

If a business chooses to develop restaurant POS, online ordering system, or menu management services with the KitchenHub API - it can add orders from 3rd party delivery platforms into its system.

While KitchenHub promises services that not compel you to deal with a dozen different APIs, and earn more revenue from customers and collect more data and insides, the diversity and depth of services remain a competitive edge for MealMe.

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