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MealMe Online Ordering & Delivery API is a Gateway to More than a Million Stores and Over a Billion

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Ordering food online received an immense boost during the lockdown days, when people could not go to most of the eateries, gather in a bunch, and enjoy their meals together. Yet, the growth in online orders and food delivered at home had more driving factors than the pandemic.

Technology helped build the market and facilitated consumers with a great experience each time, making them used to the fact that it was a matter of a few clicks to get ready-to-eat food delivered to their homes. User-friendly applications and tech-enabled driver networks - all contributed to building this market.

But what powers the technology? What powers these applications that, on one tap from the customer, scan through millions of stores and food-menu items to bring out the one the customer is looking for? Its solutions, like MealMe, create the foundation for the online ordering and delivery industry to thrive.

What is MealMe?

With more than 30 API customers and a track record of facilitating more than 600,000 transactions, MealMe, based out of San Francisco, US, has progressed over the past five years with the mission of embedding commerce into every website and app.

At a functional level, companies using the MealMe API are powered with a host of API solutions, covering each elementary component of the online ordering life cycle, including Store Search, Menu, Food Delivery, and Ordering.

While the store searches API aggregates and keeps in store millions of grocery store and restaurant data points, the menu API offers the most exhaustive list of food options available for each with real-time ordering, pricing information, item customization, and modifiers.

The delivery API, applicable for both restaurants and grocery, includes more than 30,000 third-party services, while the food ordering API involves delivery ordering, courier orders, and pickup orders.

MealMe Store Locator API

What does it mean to have the MealMe Store Search API available at your service? Any food ordering or delivery app can integrate the API by writing a few lines of code.

Once integrated, the API enables customers to search for food across more than a million stores, with over 1 billion items up for grabs.

Only one API from MealMe gives its clients and their consumers, in turn, the option to choose from a variety of endpoints, including large retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, and more.

Once the search is complete, the API naturally moves forward to facilitate sending orders to the point of sale, which includes million and more restaurants and grocery stores.

The restaurant locator API covers stores, individual menu items, and meals. While the grocery locator API covers stores and their products and comes with cart-building features.

MealMe API unlocks the power of data in the most potent way possible. A restaurant API from Mealme would mean access to its delivery API, menu API, prices API, and more, while a Grocery API access would come with store, inventory, and delivery API.

Altogether, MealMe store locator APIs are among the most convenient, well-networked, and holistic solutions one can integrate into an ordering and delivery app.

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