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MealMe Shoppable Ads Pay 100-times More Per View than Google or Facebook Meta

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

In the realm of online marketing, Shoppable Ads have been gaining traction for quite some time. Between 2018 and 2020, Shoppable Ads witnessed acceleration greater than most of its alternatives.

The Brand Disruption 2021 report, the annual report on the evolving consumer ecosystem by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, showed that the percentage of marketers who used shoppable video ads grew 40% in 2020, 33% in 2019, and 25% in 2018. As the trend continues to strengthen, more and more marketers and brands are keen to leverage shoppable ads more optimally.

Mealme, one of the most well-noticed tech disruptors in the field of embedded commerce, has empowered marketers and brands with a golden opportunity in Shoppable Ads. But, before delving deeper into what Mealme has to offer, let us build a quick understanding of what Shoppable Ads are.

What are Shoppable Ads?

A shoppable ad is one through which a consumer can purchase a product directly through the ad format, served using an embedded storefront. They may also allow purchases after one click by bringing consumers straight to the product page on the app’s e-commerce platform.

The convenience and ease of application that Shoppable Ads bring to the table make them a highly preferred avenue. Their effectiveness can be gauged from the fact that shoppable video ads were driving a 30% increase in conversion rates by 2020.

While scrolling through social media or using Connected TV, you must have seen shoppable display ads, shoppable social media, or shoppable TV ads.

However, brands and marketers would want to optimize their ads irrespective of the host medium. And that’s where MealMe comes into the scene.

MealMe Shoppable Ads Pay the Highest eCPM Rate

eCPM stands for the effective cost per thousand impressions. It is an estimate of the revenue a brand or marketer would receive for every thousand ad impressions. eCPM offered by MealMe Shoppable ads is more than US$100, greater than all the leading global ad networks, including Meta Audience Network, Google Admob, Google Adsense, Unity Ads, Applovin, inMobi, and Adcolony.

All the marketers need to do is fill up a simple form on the MealMe website to have access to the MealMe Shoppable Ads SDK within 24 hours.

How Do MealMe Shoppable Ads Pay 100-times More than Google and Meta?

It is not easy to track marketing spend across different channels. After all, privacy and Cookie blockers have made it even more difficult for D2C brands.

Marketers, brands, and advertisers want to pay for purchases. However, Google and Meta charge for clicks. And it is where MealMe stands different from its peers.

The Mealme Shoppable Ad SDK helps embed purchasing right into the website or application that hosts the Shoppable Ad, resulting in advertisers paying a lot more for ads and MealMe sharing more revenue with the host websites and apps.

How to Leverage MealMe Shoppable Ads?

Leveraging MealMe Shoppable Ads is as easy as following a sequence of three simple steps: Specify, Add, and Get Paid.

First, you need to specify the product you want to sell. The product catalog of MealMe is one of the largest, with more than one billion products, including Apple Airpods, Nestle Nespresso, Starbucks Coffee, and whatnot!

Once you’ve successfully added a shoppable ad to your application or website with one line of code, you can leave everything else to MealMe, including payment handling, tracking, customer support, returns, and exchanges for free.

Finally, MealMe does not require purchasing customers to leave the app or website, while you get paid 10% for each purchase.

With the MealMe Shoppable Ads SDK, requiring only a line of an HTML snippet to embed checkout into the app or website, you unlock an entirely new revenue stream for your business!

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