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Shoppable Ads by MealMe is the ad network that pays the highest eCPM rate

The only ad network that will pay you more than Meta Audience Network, Google Admob, Google Adsense, Unity Ads, Applovin, inMobi, and Adcolony is MealMe’s Shoppable Ads, which pays $100+ eCPM

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How are Shoppable Ads able to pay 100x more per view than ads like Google and Meta that link out?

iOS 14's privacy blockers and cookie blockers made it impossible for direct-to-consumer brands such as Apple and Nestle and Starbucks to track their marketing spend across different channels - popular ad networks like Google and Meta are charging advertisers for clicks, but advertisers want to pay for purchases.

MealMe’s Shoppable Ads embed purchasing right into the website or app that hosts the Shoppable Ad, making it easy for advertisers to pay a lot more for ads. As a result, MealMe is able to share more revenue with the websites and apps that host our Shoppable Ads.

How to earn $100+ eCPM with MealMe’s Shoppable Ads


Specify the product you want to sell in each Shoppable Ad

We have the largest product catalog of over 1 billion products, from Apple Airpods to Nestle Nespresso to Starbucks Coffee.


Add a Shoppable Ad to your app or website for each product

We handle payments, tracking, customer support, returns & exchanges for free.

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Get paid 10% for each purchase

Your users are able to purchase your advertised product without leaving your app or website.

How to earn over $1,000,000 per year from Shoppable Ads

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You will receive a response within 24 hrs

Unlock a new revenue stream with our Shoppable Ads

Add one line of an HTML snippet to embed checkout into your app or website

You will receive a response within 24 hrs

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