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MealMe POI Data Attributes


Core POI Attributes

  • name: string

  • _id: string

  • phone_number: integer

  • address: dictionary

    • street_addr: string

    • street_addr_2: string

    • city: string

    • state: string

    • zipcode: string

    • country: string

    • latitude: float

    • longitude: float

  • operational_status: string



Key POI Attributes

  • menus: dictionary of quote_id (e.g., given service) to menu_id (e.g. Breakfast, Lunch, Sunday Brunch) to list of categories (e.g., Drinks) to list of menu items (e.g., Coffee) to list of customizations (e.g., Iced) to list of indefinitely nested customizations (e.g., Extra Ice)

  • delivery_quotes: list of delivery quote dictionaries

  • offers_first_party_delivery: boolean

  • offers_third_party_delivery: boolean

  • pickup_enabled: boolean

  • delivery_enabled: boolean


Bonus POI Attributes

  • type: string

    • ie, "grocery" or "restaurant")

  • description: string 

    • ie, "Boutique Mom & Pop offering fresh product"

  • local_hours: dictionary of dictionary of string: string

  • cuisines: list of string

  • food_photos: list of string

  • logo_photos: list of string

  • store_photos: list of string

  • dollar_signs: list of string

  • is_open: boolean

  • weighted_rating_value: float 

  • aggregated_rating_count: integer

  • is_ghost_kitchen: boolean

  • is_chain: boolean (as opposed to a single location)

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