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Will Said

Will dropped out of college - where he was ranked 1st in his class - in July 2020 with an unmatched determination to lead the "Hungriest Team in Silicon Valley" after one crucial realization: not a single startup has failed in Silicon Valley in 20 years. Will saw all recent "failures" as really just giving up early. Only 18 months after dropping out, MealMe had over 1M a month in gross revenue, dozens of employees, and a million users.


His determination comes from the struggle of growing up as an Afghan refugee in America. With little sense of a home or family, and the American Dream on his shoulders, he slept on the floor under the desk in the office every night in 2021, commonly working 130 hours a week.

Will was previously CEO @ Topanga where he led 4 apps that were Top 100 Paid on the App Store, managed dozens of iOS engineers at an education startup, and was an iOS intern at Apple for 8 months then Google for 2 months, all before dropping out at age 20.