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We Toured A Micro Food Hall

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

This weekend, Local Kitchens invited my fellow intern Aziz and I down to Cupertino to get an in-depth look at one of their food halls. Local Kitchens has four outlets in the Bay Area - Lafayette, Cupertino, Menlo Park, and San Jose - with two more in the works.

So, what exactly is a digital food hall?

Local Kitchens brings the menus from the best local restaurant chains together in one micro-food hall, offering a unique mix-and-match menu with items from all of your favorite local restaurants in one easy order. For example, at their Cupertino outpost, we got to select items from Mixt, Curry Up Now, Proposition Chicken, Senor Sisig, Humphry Slocombe, Peerless Coffee, Sajj Mediterranean, The Little Chihuahua, and Wise Sons.

What is the goal?

To better understand the mission of the company, we spoke with their Kitchen Manager and Director of Operations, both lovely and talented individuals. They shared with us that Local Kitchens is on a mission to provide variety to traditionally lacking suburban spaces. Combined with an all-in-one component, Local Kitchens allows area residents to select from a variety of different cuisines without the hassle of ordering from multiple stores.

Not Just a Ghost Kitchen

Local Kitchens is often labelled as a ghost kitchen company, but they point out that this isn't entirely true. Although around 50% of their orders come from delivery, Local Kitchens prides itself on having an awesome in-store experience as well. When we arrived at their Cupertino kitchen, we experienced this first hand! We were greeted at the door by a friendly employee and welcomed in by the kitchen staff. Even the space felt welcoming: the store-front bore a clean modern aesthetic, accented by a selection of tastefully positioned greenery. The bright sleek lines and earthy tones made the place feel warm and welcoming - not nearly as cold and industrial as I had imagined a ghost kitchen setup to be. They had fun ordering tablets and a few cute pieces of wall decor, as well as a framed blurb about each restaurant on their menu. Adjacent to the kitchen, a wall of numerically labelled wooden cubby-holes acted as the exchange point between staff and store patrons. Overhead, a TV screen kept real-time track of active orders.

How's The Food?

Obviously, we couldn't leave a food hall without ordering food! For my dinner, I selected a Zesty Grain Bowl from the Mixt menu while Aziz chose a classic Fried Chicken platter from the Proposition Chicken menu. Within just 10 minutes, we had two freshly prepared, restaurant-standard meals laid out before us. The verdict - DELICIOUS!

As the hungriest team in Silicon Valley, we love meeting, supporting, and working with other innovative startups - especially in the food space. Thanks again to Local Kitchens for letting us stop by, and head to to learn more about what they are building.

P.S stay tuned for some awesome footage on our social channels!

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