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The Ultimate Days-of-the-Week Menu

Here at MealMe, when we aren't busy building the fastest, cheapest delivery app on the market, we can usually be found deciding what to eat. They don't call us the hungriest team in Silicon Valley for nothing!

To support our meal-picking endeavors (and yours), I've taken it upon myself to establish a new weekly menu of alliterated dishes to serve, so you never have to agonize over what meal to eat again:

1. Mac n' Cheese Monday - What better way to start off your week than with a culinary tribute to your childhood?

Where to get it: The Eater ranked Noodles and Company's Wisconsin Mac and Cheese as the best fast-casual mac.

2. Taco Tuesday - You already knew this one was coming. You can't beat a good taco!

Where to get it: According to Thrillist, Del Taco's The Del Taco reigns supreme.

3. Wings Wednesday - Buffalo wings are an essential to surviving the mid-week bleus (pun intended).

Where to get it: EatThis, Mashed, and The Travel all vote for Wingstop's wings (any flavor!).

4. (Pad) Thai Thursday - Every Friday-eve deserves some delicious peanut sauce, noodles, and veggies.

Where to get it: Your local Thai restaurant! Here in San Francisco, these are some of our favorites.

5. Fries Friday - Salty potato munchies made fresh. Need I say more?

Where to get it: According to The LA Times, McDonald's Fries narrowly beats out Five Guy's Fries for the title of best fast-food fries.

6. Salad Saturday - A bowl of fresh veggies to fuel your weekend endeavors.

Where to get it: The fast-casual chain Chopt is America's best according to The Daily Meal.

7. Spaghetti Sunday - Chef it up in true Tuscan style with this staple pasta dish.

Where to get it: The Daily Meal says Carrabba's is the best Italian fast-food in the U.S.

Disagree with any of these? Comment down below!

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