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How To Find the Cheapest Food Delivery Service

The Food Delivery Market is saturated with many different food delivery services such as DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates, and more. You may find yourself asking: What is the cheapest food delivery service near me? or What is the best food delivery service near me? To solve this problem, you would first have to find a nearby restaurant by using one of the food delivery services. This isn't great because food delivery services do not list every nearby restaurant. After you find a nearby restaurant, you would then have to add all items to your cart to find the subtotal on one service. You would then have to navigate to the other food delivery services, add all items to your cart again, then compare the subtotal across all food delivery services. Instead of comparing food delivery services by switching between multiple apps, you can instead use MealMe. 

You can use MealMe for more than just finding the cheapest food delivery, like booking reservations and posting food pictures. Thousands of people across America love our our unique solution to comparing food delivery services- you can check out some of our user reviews. 

How To Use MealMe To Find The Best Food Delivery Service:


    • MealMe has a larger selection of restaurants than any single food delivery app. Use the MealMe Explore Page to search for any nearby restaurant or choose from restaurants that MealMe recommends based on your individual tastes.


    • For every restaurant that you view, MealMe tells you all food delivery services that the restaurant offers, in order from cheapest to most expensive. MealMe also displays all relevant information about the restaurant including rating, menu, and pictures. 


    • In order to make the MealMe experience ​better for everyone, we encourage you to post food pictures on MealMe Social, where you can follow other foodies and order or book a reservation from every post! We use the food pictures from MealMe Social to better populate the MealMe Explore page.


MealMe Social
MealMe Price Compare Tells You The Cheapest Food Delivery Service, Best Food Delivery Service, Fastest Food Delivery Service, and Quickest Food Delivery Service
MealMe Explore is an AI Food Finding Tool that uses AI to Recommend Nearby Restaurants


Save an average of $5 Every Time You Use MealMe

Saves me a couple bucks every day I mostly use Mealme to pick the right food delivery provider. I order food delivery almost every day so this app has helped me quite a lot!

The Only App You Need to Find the Best Food Delivery Service

Perfect if you ever use food delivery apps! Recently downloaded this in Dallas and it’s makes using food delivery apps 10x easier. If you ever order in, highly recommend using this app!  Developer Response ,  We love to see people like you all over the US using MealMe. Glad we make food delivery easier for you.

No Need to Switch Between Multiple Food Delivery Services

The only food delivery app I use Way better than switching between like 5 different food delivery apps to find the cheapest deal. Plus, some restaurants are only on one or two delivery services, and this app aggregates all restaurants together. I just hope they come out with a Time comparison update soon!

Post your food pictures and follow other foodies

A great app to put those food pictures to use! I recently downloaded this app a couple weeks ago and have checked it everyday since! It keeps me up to date with what my friends and family are doing by posting pics of their meals at restaurants all over! It’s a great way to spread your love and appreciation for food.
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