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What is the cheapest food delivery app
The Cheapest Food Delivery App
The Best Food Delivery Service
What is the cheapest food app
The cheapest food delivery | MealMe

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What is the cheapest food delivery app?

MealMe. MealMe compares food delivery options so you get the best deal on every meal. We save you an average of $6 or $20 min on every order. There are way more than just delivery fees. We compare delivery fees, service fees, small cart fees, sales tax, promotions, surge pricing, and menu price differences, plus delivery times and ratings.

Do you have your own drivers?

Nope! MealMe doesn't have its own drivers - instead, we let you order on the delivery service that is cheapest, fastest, or most reliable, whether it's a food delivery service, a courier service, or a restaurant with its own drivers.

What is the best food delivery app?

MealMe. MealMe lets you order on the cheapest or fastest or most reliable delivery service, so we're better than the sum of our parts. You can checkout in MealMe with no added fees, so we are the most convenient food delivery app as well. For reliability, we replace any failed order on another delivery service for no extra charge.

What is the fastest food delivery app?

MealMe. MealMe lets you order on the fastest delivery service, courier service, or restaurant with their own drivers. For every restaurant on our platform, we compare all the available food delivery servcies to make sure we get you the fastest food delivery every time.

How does MealMe make money?

MealMe makes money from ads and tips. We have restaurants, ghost kitchens, chefs, and delivery services paying us for advertising. We also ask users to leave an optional MealMe tip for half of what we saved them.


The only food delivery app I use Way better than switching between like 5 different food delivery apps to find the cheapest deal. Plus, some restaurants are only on one or two delivery services, and this app aggregates all restaurants together.
Best customer service of any food delivery app! Not only do you save money that you can then either keep or use to support your driver, the customer service reps are extremely helpful and nice and have a little humor to make your day better. Don’t forget to tip MealMe before placing order to show them how much you appreciate them!
Great customer service and price match I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant at first, but this app is the real deal! Customer service was super timely & friendly and they always save me some money on my order. Never going back to DoorDash