Frequently asked questions

How can I track my order?

You can track your in-progress orders on the History tab of the app. If you don't see your order appear, try refreshing the app.

Can I get a refund for an order?

Call, Text, or Email MealMe Customer Support inside of MealMe from the order tracking page if anything goes wrong.

How should I use MealMe?

We're glad you asked! 1. Input your delivery address (We need this for accurate delivery price quotes). 2. Find the perfect restaurant on MealMe's Browse Page. 3. Once you find a restaurant, we crunch the numbers to find the cheapest and fastest delivery service for that restaurant. The power of MealMe is that delivery price and time information changes from minute to minute. Just because one service was cheapest for lunch does not mean that it will be the cheapest for dinner. 4. Click on your preferred service to view the restaurant's menu on that service. Please note that this page may take up to 10 seconds to load. 5. Select menu items, add customizations, and "Add to Cart." 6. When you've finished selecting menu items, click "View Cart." 7. On the top of the page, you will see all of your selected menu items. You can swipe left on a menu item to remove it. Below your menu items, you can double check your delivery address and add notes for the delivery driver. If you're satisfied with the exact price breakdown for your order, select "Checkout." 8. Add your credit card information, and MealMe will place your order on your behalf on your selected service. MealMe does not handle delivery logistics. We simply place your order on your behalf on your selected service. Once we place your order, we forward you all communication about your order. Communications include Order accepted, Order ETA, Order Arrived, and all Calls from the Courier.

How can I cancel my order?

Send an email to or contact MealMe support within the app on the tracking view - we charge no cancellation fees as long as the order is "Awaiting Confirmation"

What fees do I pay MealMe to use Checkout in MealMe?

None. We simply pass along fees that food delivery apps charge for their service. We also provide additional MealMe Discounts (more about that on this FAQ)

Is MealMe a food delivery service?

Nope, MealMe is not a food delivery service! MealMe does not have couriers or restaurant partnerships. MealMe is a software company that compares existing food delivery services. With our checkout functionality, we enable you to choose a delivery service, we place your delivery order for you, then your order is fulfilled by that delivery service. Your delivery order is not fulfilled by MealMe.

What are Price Match Savings?

MealMe matches you to the cheapest and fastest delivery service for every restaurant in America that offers delivery. The Price Match Savings are calculated as the difference between the best deal and the quotes at other delivery services that offer that restaurant.

What are Extra MealMe Discounts?

We provide additional discounts in addition to our Price Match Savings. Checkout in MealMe with a sufficient subtotal to apply these discounts and promotions. See the app for more details during Checkout.

Does MealMe add ANY fees? At all?!


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